Principal Photographer & Studio Manager | Bond & Leah

Award winning Winnipeg wedding photographer | blfstudios

I started blfStudios about 10 years ago.

I am originally from South Africa, and was lucky enough to travel through Asia and meet my wonderful Leah. She is a prairie girl and moving to Canada to be with her has been the best thing I have ever done in my life.

We met on a blind date, in a bar, in Taiwan. For real!

We try our best in everything we do, do as much as we can, be as good as we can, love as much as we can and guide our kids as best we can. Life is short. Although very busy at times, we still make the best team and I would not have my life any other way!

We grew blfStudios into one of the biggest and most trusted photography studios in Winnipeg, and have documented hundreds and hundreds of weddings together. She still shoots with me from time to time, but now has the most important job. Being a mom to our two little kiddos and managing the logistics of our studio.

blfStudios has evolved into a Boutique Fine Art Wedding Photography studio in the last couple of years and we have one of the top young photographers in the country as our Senior Associate.  We are based in Winnipeg and Gimli, but document weddings anywhere in Canada.

Senior Associate Photographer | Tony

Wedding photographer in Winnipeg | blfstudios

As much as I love to travel, I enjoy game night at home with the family just as much.  As much as I love basking in the warm summer sun, I love playing in a winter wonderland

My wife, whose youthful heart and contagious smile (and lets be real, she’s a mega babe), helped me realize the importance of balance in life.  I love getting out and laughing with friends, but snuggling my kids on the couch when they’re feeling under the weather, feeds my soul just as much.  

My children have retaught me the importance of curiosity.  I have an incredible curiosity to see and to capture moments that will never happen again.  

Documenting weddings has taken me all over the world, but my heart will always be here in the True North.